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Equal Voices Welcomes:

Michele Eaton, soprano,
Dominic Inferrera, baritone,
Silvie Jensen, mezzo-soprano

and welcomes BACK:
Kathy Theil, soprano

     If you have followed the happenings of Equal Voices with any regularity you would realize that much of the above is old news. Indeed Michele has been with us since 2003 and came on board to replace . . . well . . . Kathy - who has been back with us for over a year now.

     Changes in career and personal lives have kept our membership in flux for the last couple of years, as charter members Jon Szabo, Phyllis Clark, and Robert Isaacs have all moved on, as well as Jon's bass successor, Steve Hrycelak.  For more on Equal Voices' personnel transitions through the years, see our
H I S T O R Y page.

     We're delighted now to be back at full strength, and to introduce to you our two newest members, mezzo-soprano Silvie Jensen, and baritone Dominic Inferrera.  These two talented singing musicians were selected from a field of outstanding candidates, and we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to hear them both with us in our first concerts since March 2005.

     Come hear us in a program of old favorites and some new selections, either up in the beautiful Berkshires on October 7, or out on Long Island. For our more frugal fans, the October 11 concert at the Brookhaven National Laboratory is free of charge, as well as being closer to our NYC home base.

     Keep your eyes on this space, as Equal Voices shapes our coming season.

Kathy Theil, soprano, Michele Eaton, soprano
Silvie Jensen, mezzo-soprano,
Neil Farrell, tenor, Michael Steinberger, tenor
Dominic Inferrera, baritone

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Sandisfield Arts Center

5 Hammertown Road
Sandisfield, Massachusetts

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Sandisfield Arts Center
Sandisfield, Massachusetts

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
12 noon

Berkner Hall, Central Campus
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Brookhaven, NY

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